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Online gaming world embrace the use of blockchain

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Online gaming world embrace the use of blockchain

A lot of companies are finding that the use of blockchain technology, because it gives them the kind of security and efficiency that help to make them a lot more productive. The gaming world is no different, as this technology is helping game developers and providers to speed up the action while maintaining the highest degree of protection for customers.

However, this is only one application for the online gaming world. There are many within the industry who are seeing the real benefits of using Bitcoin SV in the gaming world, and blockchain is helping to make this a reality.

In a recent interview, CEO of Digital Isle of Man Lyle Wraxall pointed out that the use of blockchain technology within the online gaming world is on the rise. He pointed out that in this digital economy it is essential for game developers to employ the technology to combine to use with BSV, a step he has employed for his own company.

In the interview, Wraxall explained, “I think there’s so much hype around blockchain especially on the global level. I’m certainly not a blockchain evangelist. While there are cases where blockchain can be a really good technology to use, there are more cases where it’s terrible to use and being used for the wrong reasons.

Jimmy Nguyen could not agree more. He has been a longtime advocate for the use of BSV and how it can help to meet their individual needs. The problem, he explains, is that far too many people don’t really get how useful it is to use this digital currency.

Now, game developers and providers are jumping on board. Wraxall is one who is acknowledging how important it is for providers to grow with this technology. “That wasn’t our intention of launching this because we looked towards esports, which is another area where we’re starting to work in as well. We’re seeing flawless synergies between blockchain, online gaming, and esports.”

This will be on full display in early February when executives from Digital Isle of Man will be at the ICE London event to discuss how blockchain so easily integrates with the online gaming world.

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