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Orange E-sports Meeting with Syed Saddiq

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Orange E-sports

The parent company of local electronic sports powerhouse Orange E-sports has clarified today its involvement in a meeting with Youth and Sports Minister Saddiq Abdul Rahman.

Esports Business Network Sdn Bhd (EBN) said it attended the meeting after it was contacted by a company called Cleo International Sdn Bhd, that is heading the youth initiative programme.

“The EBN was first contacted by Cleo International Sdn Bhd to be project partners in a holistic youth driven initiative that included e-sports amongst other core youth development pillars.

“The purpose of the meeting was to introduce the youth initiative to the Youth and Sports Ministry,” EBN Said.

It further explained that its role in the meeting was solely to discuss the e-sports planning and execution part of the programme, and it holds no further role in the project aside from being the service provider of the e-sports pillar.

Earlier today, Syed Saddiq decried “gossip and slander” targeting him after viral social media posts and video of a woman in a peach kebaya meeting him in Putrajaya yesterday.

The minister said the woman, whose identity is still unknown, was part of a delegation from Orange E-sports.

EBN today named the woman as “Cleopatra”, who presumably is the representative of above-mentioned Cleo International that is the project lead in the youth initiative.

“Addressing other allegations, EBN and its entities confirms that Cleo International Sdn Bhd and Cleopatra is not a shareholder in the group nor employed by the group in any capacity,” it said.

EBN comprises of The Gaming Company, Orange Internet Shop, Orange E-sports, Prime Live and the Borneo Gaming Company.

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