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Paradise Found Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Paradise Found Slots Game Review

Paradise was lost. All we have to do is find it again.

Take a trek into the lonely mountains on an epic journey to re-discover what was once lost. Take back what was yours and find what you need to find when you play the Paradise Found online digital slots machine one the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Paradise will be found by those who truly wish to seek it.

Rediscover Paradise

Make your way into paradise. The legends speak of a hidden paradise hidden in the mountains – a paradise that was long lost in the records of history. The journey will be long and arduous, but many a man has risked life and limb in search of this long lost legend. Its secrets are being held on by some mystical monks in a sacred monastery – patiently awaiting the right people who are fully deserving of its forbidden treasures. The undeserving will be lost in the trails and perish – only you, the chosen one, can unlock the path and truly find what you have set out to seek.

The Paradise Found slots game features the perilous mountains which hide the secrets of this hidden paradise, Take a chance so that what you seek may be found. The background behind the slots reels show a mountainous scene – serene yet deadly. This online digital slots game sticks to the thematic features of this perilous path, with the symbols on the slots reels representing the many things you will encounter during your journey to rediscover paradise – the beautiful and loyal black pack yak, the ornate metallic cylindrical trinket, the mystical chalice of magic, the brave explorer with a hat, and the five largest card suits.

Start Playing Paradise Found Slots Game

Get yourself prepared for the long and arduous journey. Before you set off onto your quest to seek paradise, you have to bring yourself to make some very important choices  that will greatly affect the results of your slots game. You will have to select the coin size, the number of lines and the number of coins. The coin size is the amount in MYR which is represented by each coin. The number of coins is the amount of coins you wish to bet on each spin on the reels. The more you wager on each spin, the greater the amount of your winnings whenever you make matches in this slots game! Bet big to win big! The number of lines are the number of lines you wager on on each spin of the reels. The Paradise Found slots game lets you choose from one up to twenty lines to wager on. The more lines you bet on, the greater your chances of making matches and winning it big!

Keep an eye out for the White Lotus symbol. The White Lotus symbol  is a very special symbol  in this slots game, as it not only represents the Wild symbol in this game, but also a part of the Scatter symbol that triggers the special feature. The Wild symbol is used to substitute for any other symbol in this game except for the Explorer and Monastery symbols. Wilds greatly increase your chances of making matches, and more matches means more wins!

The Wild Lotus Feature is triggered when you get a White Lotus symbol on the first reel, and the Monastery symbol on the fifth reel. During the Wild Lotus Feature, all reels are held. While this feature is active, a single symbol position on reels two, three and four will randomly turn into a White Lotus symbol and award a prize. All highest wins per line are paid out accordingly. This will occur ten times consecutively per feature. During the base game, the White Lotus symbol appears on reels one and five, and the Monastery symbol appears on reel five only.

Play Paradise Found Slots Game today!

Embark on the epic journey to find what was once lost to all of mankind.

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