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PIGO to pay a lot of tax to run operations

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PIGO to pay a lot of tax to run operations

While the Philippine Offshore Gaming Operator (POGO) segment is falling out of favor, the Philippine Inshore Gaming Operator (PIGO) alternative could take over.

If a current plan being developed by gaming regulators in the country comes to fruition, land-based casinos that launch online operations will need to be prepared to give up almost half their revenue to the Philippines in the form of taxes.

PAGCOR (the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp) is working on a tax framework that would require online operators to give up 42.5% of their online gaming revenue to the state, and they would also have to pay a 5% “gaming systems fee”.

PIGOs could be the up-and-coming online gaming star in the Philippines; however, only if presented with an economically viable situation that wouldn’t see the segment follow the same course the POGOs took.

These percentages are apparently not fixed yet, according to the sources, and could be altered before the final draft of the framework is signed. However, the rates are expected to be “very close” to what has been projected and this means that PIGOs would be facing one of the highest tax rates of anywhere in Asia. 

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