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Poker Tips from Poker Pro Maria Ho

by sam.h
Poker Tips from Poker Pro Maria Ho

Maria Ho is one of the top ranked female poker players in the world, and a Women in Poker Hall of Fame inductee. She has up to $4,000.000 in poker winnings currently. Pay attention as she shares several poker tips to help you improve you game!

Poker Tip #1 Capitalize on player mistakes

In the starting stages of most poker tables and especially tournaments, most players get what is called a “Frenzy”. That means that in the early stages they tend to be very aggressive because they want to quickly gain a large capital. Other players will pick up on their tempo and start playing faster as well. It helps you to sit back and let them go at their tempo and wait to capitalize on their mistakes. Just don’t rush in and get too involved and make their same mistakes

Poker Tip #2 Target the weaker opponents

This is a crucial poker tip: Just because you are playing tighter style don’t mean you cannot be involved in pots that are easy to win. Especially in situations in late when you are raising  in late position against several people, a lot of the time you are going to be able to pick up the pot because opponents flop. In situations when weak player opens the pot and another weak player calls behind them, these are the pots you should be much more willing to be involved. That is because you have the better position and your opponents might overplay their hand. If they don’t hit the pot they are very likely to give up early for you to claim the pot for yourself.

Poker Tip #3 Don’t be afraid of the bubble

A “Bubble” is known as the point where players on the table are just trying to squeeze into the money. When they arrive at this phase they are not willing to play a lot of hands and will not be calling in marginal situations because they are fearful of putting their bank (Their current winnings) on risk. It is a common fear and mistake to play safe through it.

It is important when you are on the bubble or when your opponent is on the bubble, to recognize it as the opportunity for you to amass a lot without having to risk a lot of your chips. You should hone in on opportunities like this to take the pot without much resistance from others. If you know you have opponents who are trying to squeeze into their money, you should be trying to raise into them. Also, during the bubble phase, there might be players who will raise bc they think its easy, it is an easy tell that they have a good hand. But they won’t take free bets, so you should also take note of that and play accordingly. A player who is in the bubble tend to be either overconfident and overly timid, it is important to be able to distinguish which it is.

With these poker tips, we hope it will make you a better poker player!

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