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PokerStars Tweaks Cash Game Seating

by puvana88

PokerStars is taking aim once again at the cash game ecology, this time with “active waiting lists” that will award seats to games in a new, semi-random fashion.

Active Waiting List will get rid of “first come, first served” seating and instead throw all players on a waiting into a pool and draw one when a seat becomes available.

The draw will be weighted to those who have been seated at the same stakes the longest.”Our latest feature, Active Waiting List, is all about making the game fairer and the experience better for most players,” he wrote.

“We created this new system for those who like to play cash games with us and it is primarily designed to combat predatory behavior and level the playing field. It achieves this goal by making it more difficult for some players to seek out our less experienced or more recreational players.”

How It Works

Previously on PokerStars, anyone who wished to join a waiting list could click the corresponding button and be in line for a game.

That’s changed as of Monday.

Now, a player who wishes to join a waiting list must already be seated a table of the same stakes and style. And, in an effort to make things fair, all of the players who join the list will have a chance at an open seat.

However, the draw won’t be completely random. Instead, it will prioritize those who have been seated and playing — not sitting out — the longest at those stakes.

“This system has been designed to encourage engagement and action, while deterring players whose only objective is to join games with weaker opponents,” the blog post says. “Now, instead of passively sitting on a waiting list until the right seat becomes available, that player will need to play in order to remain on the waiting list.”

The general idea is meant to mimic live “must-move” tables with the added twist of the random element to make it so players can’t simply take the most profitable seat by being first to click on it.


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