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PUBG Mobile 1st Anniversary

by new_c_admin
PUBG 1st anniversary

What a amazing ride it has been, a year has passed since the PUBG mobile launched becoming the game of the year in 2018 attracting fans all over the world.

PUBG hosted their 1st year anniversary at KL LIVE earlier today with streamers and influencers participating in 2 charity matches. Game 1 was in Erangel with 11 teams with a total of 44 players which was very little action at the beginning due to fewer players playing. The flight path took a south east direction from Georgopol towards Novorepnoye , no team even dared to land at Sosnovka Millitary Base.

Things started heating up when Team Yakuza were the 1st to be eliminated by Team Agus and other notable plays being local pro Man Parang taking out a whole squad by himself . Master Ramen’s team who are self proclaim ‘pro campers’ ended with the chicken dinner. Game 2 was in Vikendi with a north bound flight path which saw most teams jumping of on the west part of the map.

Team Yakuza made for their bad performance in the 1st game by taking home the chicken dinner on the 2nd map. A big shoutout to Tencent Games for hosting such a good event which also saw 3 lucky draw winner go home with a brand new smart phone. Other notable sponsors included MONSTER ENERGY who supplied free flow of their amazing drink throughout the night. The event ended with DJ Pauline EK spinning on the deck.

Happy birthday PUBG mobile!

PUBG 1st Anniversary

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