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Rainforest Magic Bingo Game Review

by jenx
Rainforest Magic Bingo

Step into the colourful world of nature.

More Bingo? Let’s go for one more bingo review!

Rainforest Magic Bingo is packed with great features, you will certainly like it. Extra balls, progressive jackpot and two bonus features with an instant mystery prize or the chance to pick prize. There’s lots of fun to be had!

A video bingo with 97.38% RTP, Medium Volatility, released by Swedish company Play’nGo. We gave it a spin on their site, as this is the best way to look at what the bonus spins look like.

Listen to the shamanic drum music head off to forest journey. You can play up to four cards at once, each one containing 15 numbers between 1 and 90. As thirty balls are drawn, the matches number will be marked off to create winning patterns.

You may also have chance to purchase up to 13 extra balls to help chalk off more numbers for bigger prizes!

One of the highest paying patterns will award you an instant Mystery Prize.

Rainforest Magic Bingo
Rainforest Magic Bingo
Bonus Feature start with five initial picks from the Magic Flowers.

Up to 700x your bet!

If the flower reveals a numbered prize, it will be added to your Bonus Counter, and you can pick again with a maximum win of three extra picks. Win Up to 1300x the bet in bonus round.

Award up to 5000x stack

If all four of your cards are in play, all you have to do is achieve the BINGO pattern on one of the cards, and the chest is yours!

With at least the minimum amount staked on each, you could unlock the Treasure Slate!


Play’nGo transforming its popular slots into Bingo games is marvelous. Discover more magic in Rainforest Magic Bingo!

Our Score: 7/10 Gaming safe Tick( Must try )

We find it similar to Viking Runecraft, you will certainly like it.

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