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Robo Jack Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Robo Jack Slots Game Review

What a clunker! The robots are in revolt!

Join the robot revolution with the horde of mechanical marvels and autonomous denizens of the robot city! Spin to win when you play with this online digital slots machine on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Jack into the system when you start spinning on the reels.

Join Robo Jack in the Robot Revolution!

Plug in and get started with your robotic tirade in the digital world of Robo Jack online digital slots machine. The moment you jack into the system, you can first adjust some important settings that will ultimately decide and heavily influence the results of your spins in this game. You can adjust the coin size, the coins, and the bet. The coin size is the amount in MYR that you wish to wager on each spin in this slots game, and coins is the number of coins you wish to bet on every spin on the slots reels. If you wish to keep things simple and streamlined, all you have to do is to adjust the total bet amount, which will cause the software to automatically adjust the coin size and the number of coins to match your requested bet. Once you have made these selections, immediately jump into action and hit the Spin button to start your road to winning it big!

The Wild symbol in the Robo Jack slots game is represented by the Robo Jack logo itself. Whenever you hit the Wild symbol in this game, these Wild symbols will help you make more matches and increase your chances of winning on each of your spins! These Wild symbols are there to substitute for any of the other symbols that appear on the slots reels except for the Scatter symbol.

The Scatter symbol in the Robo Jack online digital slots machine is represented by the Golden Dollar Remote symbol. When you hit there or more of these highly sought-after Scatter symbols, you trigger the Free Spins Bonus. When this Bonus is activated, free spins are awarded. In this Bonus feature, there are five robots, each with its own special power designed to help you win more! A robot will be randomly awarded whenever you trigger this special feature – you may accept and start your free spins, or you may try again for a different robot. Be wary! You only have one chance to try again for a different robot. Each robot awards a different number of free spins, and your free spins can be re-triggered!

When you activate the Orange Robot, you gain free spins with Extra Wilds! The Orange Extra Wild Robot will also make the Blue Cash Robots turn Wild! What great value! This Orange Robot feature can get you up to sixty free spins! If you instead activate the Purple Robot special feature, your free spins will also award Scatter Prizes! Any of the Golden Remote Scatter symbol that appears in any position will pay a random multiplier of up to ten times (10x) the total bet! In the Purple Robot feature, you can be awarded with up to forty free spins! You also have a chance of activating the Green Robot. This Green Robot will award you with Free Spins with Wild Reel, which will turn one reel wild per spin. While you only get up to twenty free spins with this robot, you gain the advantage of entire reels turning Wild on each spin!

The Pink Robot is also among the robots which have a chance of triggering. The Pink Robot features Free Spins with a two-scatter re-trigger. This means that whenever you get two of the Golden Remote Scatter symbol, you will be awarded with eight extra free spins. Get into an amazing free spin combo with this robot! This Pink Robot lets you get up to sixty five free spins! Finally, should you get the Green Robot, this robot grants you Free spins with a three time (3x) multiplier! This means that all your wins are TRIPLED during your free spins. Alongside with the award of up to fifty free spins, this Green Robot really sets you up for a chance of winning an amazing pot for free!

Play Robo Jack Slots Game today!

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