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Selling UV phone sanitation box

by jenx

Should you buy a UV phone sanitation box — and can it kill the coronavirus?

A smartphone is the most personal object we own carrying it everywhere from the supermarket to bathrooms. More importantly, smartphones are known to carry more germs than one would imagine. Studies have found it to be dirtier than a toilet bowl.

The coronavirus itself, per an analysis by the Journal of Hospital Infection, can “persist on inanimate surfaces like metal, glass or plastic for up to nine days,” meaning your smartphone could be at risk. Cleaning them with a piece of cloth and disinfectant can feel like a chore. Plus, alcoholic solutions can potentially be detrimental to your phone’s screen.

A more effective and hassle-free alternative are sanitizing accessories that use ultraviolet (UV) light. These box-shaped devices, that faintly look like miniature hibernation booths from sci-fi flicks, come equipped with a cradle where you place your phone (or anything else that fits, like AirPods), close it up, turn it on, and in about 10 minutes you should get a germ-free phone.

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