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Shaolin Fortunes Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Shaolin Fortunes Slot

See that which is unseen. Win all which has not been won.

Discover the mysterious ancient world of Chinese martial arts in Shaolin Fortunes. Transcend human limitations and bend possibilities to your will with Shaolin Fortunes slots game.

Warrior Monks of Legend

Shaolin Kung Fu is one of the oldest, largest, and most well known styles of Chinese martial arts. The name Shaolin is also used as a brand for the so-called external styles of kung fu. Many styles in southern and northern China use the name Shaolin.

The Shaolin Fortunes slots game adopts a very rustic ancient Chinese aesthetic artstyle in its theme. The background is laced with ancient Chinese art similar to those found in Shaolin Kung Fu training manuals of old, and the reels are surrounded by bamboo scaffoldings and topped off with the classical Chinese pagoda roof.

The symbols used on the slots game’s reels are many of the iconic things used in the Shaolin Temple’s daily rituals and training. This harmonious music created by traditional Chinese string instruments instill a strange sense of zen while you slowly watch your winnings go higher and higher.

Shaolin Fortunes and its Features

The Wild symbol in Shaolin Fortunes slots game is represented by the ancient Shaolin bell. This symbol can replace any other symbol in the game. While it only appears on only the second and fourth reels, it is actually better than most slots machines, as it can also represent the Shaolin Monk Scatter symbol (described below), further increases your chances of winning!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The Shaolin Monk Scatter symbol is one you have to watch out for! When you hit three or more of these guys, you are immediately awarded ten free games for three monks, fifteen free games for four monks, and an amazing twenty free games for five monks!

During these free games, you’re on the right track! Hitting bells on the second reel gives you an instant three time multiplier for your winnings. Hitting bells on the fourth reel gives you a five time multiplier to your winnings. And if you manage to hit bells on both the second and fourth wheel? Your winning multiplies fifteen times!

Courage is not the absence of fear, but triumph over it. Have the courage to gamble your winnings and test your stoicism. Whenever you make a win on your spins, there will be an opportunity to take double or more.

Explore your inner tranquility and bring about the greatest amount of fortune in your showdown with the reels. Defeat them all and win Malaysian Ringgit as you reach the greatest heights of ascension.

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