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ShenPoker features Help2Pay – the hottest and most advanced in payment processing technology in the region, and as a result – its deposit and withdrawal speeds are absolutely top notch.
Many other sites in the industry utilise antiquated manual payment methods using bank deposits and manual staff verification, and as a result, lag behind in their payment processing – sometimes taking hours or even days if something goes really wrong.
ShenPoker uses the best and latest automated payment solution method available in the industry – as a result, our test deposits and withdrawals are processed almost instantly. Impressive.
Furthermore, as a result of the automated nature of Help2Pay, the risk of fraud or missing funds for players are strongly prevented.

ShenPoker is great with its promotions. It runs the industry-standard bonuses, giving you the best value for your money. At the same time, it offers fair  requirements and terms and conditions. Bonus collection and calculation methods are also streamlined, so customers do not have to fuss or worry about their bonus amounts.

Customer Service
As a world-class poker site, ShenPoker  provides the same level of quality and attention its customer service. Chat responses are speedy and polite, and they are always eager to help. We have gone in with various issues, and most of them were resolved within minutes – some taking a bit longer than others but always resolved in the end.

Through our stringent testing procedures, we have determined that ShenPoker is a strong contender in today’s oversaturated online live poker market. Boasting secure system and servers, and fair games – ShenPoker is one of the few sites that we can truly recommend in this wild west of an industry.

We are proud to list ShenPoker on our trusted site list as it is one of the strongest online live poker sites in Malaysia. ShenPoker truly is a strong contender in its performance, service and security.