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Short Deck – The New Trend in Poker?

by new_c_admin
Short Deck Poker

The Short Deck is becoming the new craze in poker. It originally started in the live high stakes games in Asia a few years ago but is now trickling down to the online scene.

PokerStars recently launched a version of the new-ish game, which they refer to as “6+ Hold’em” on its global site. Poker legends such as Tom Dwan and Phil Ivey have helped make this modern poker variant popular worldwide in the past couple of years.

Short deck hold’em, also referred to as Six Plus Hold’em, is a version of Texas hold’em but with the 2-5 cards removed from the deck. Another change in the game is the hand strength rankings slightly differ.

In short deck, a flush beats a full house and, depending on the house rules, three-of-a-kind beats a straight. However, in some casinos and tournaments, a straight still bests three-of-a-kind. It’s strongly advised to know the house rules before playing any casino game, but especially this form of poker.

Many high roller series such as the Triton High Roller and US Poker Open host short deck tournaments. It’s rare to find a low-stakes short deck live event, however. But the game may soon carry over to low and mid-stakes cash games in land-based casinos in America if it continues to rise in popularity.

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