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Sim Racing: E1 Championship Round 2

by sam.h

Bring in the Round 2 of E1 Championship Season One!

Some excellent racing was seen in round 1 where Muhammad Aleef of Team Flash puts himself above the rest of the contestans.

In round 2 of Season One, the players put their skills on display and look to make things competitive. Despite losing his top slot this time in round 2 Aleef Hamilton retains his #1 position on the overall rankings with 46 points and has himself a comfortable lead over the second place Mikko Nassi with 32 points.

The #5 to #9 spots for the week were are taken by Malaysian players. Meanwhile, Mikko Nassi who previously finished at #9 place in Round 1 proved his mettle by cementing the top spot in round 2.

Round 2 was conducted in Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg in southwestern Germany where a mixture of speed between the straights and corners gives the racers a healthy dose of variety and challenge! The race spans 4.574km and has a total of 17 turns (11 right, 6 left). Check out the result of round 2 below along with the overall leaderboard from round 2 onward below!

E1 Championship Round 2 Result
Overall Leaderboard for Week of Round 2

The Round 3 of E1 Championship Season one will commence on Wednesday, 21 April at 9PM on eGG Network (TV) or on E1 Championship’s official Facebook. Round 3 will be held in the fabled Watkins Glen International Circuit, stay tuned for more competitive racing!

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