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SPiCE India 2019: Day 1

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SPiCE India 2019 – the very first edition of a renamed event opened in Goa yesterday to relatively conservative attendee numbers hailing mainly from Europe and India amidst tension between India and its neighbour Pakistan.

The first speaker even candidly shared that a private bill that was being tabled had little chance if India and Pakistan were to go to war. By the second speaker’s turn came, India had thrown down the gauntlet. But somehow at the venue, most were concerned but not overly worried. Some were concerned that their flights would be affected but nobody ran to the airport.

As the session kicked off, the focus went to Licensing. The first speaker spoke extensively on how Alderney would be a favourable gaming license as compared with the rest. although it was informative it seemed to be too much of a sales pitch.

The panel was by far more interesting as it delved into gaming in the region, from Sikkimto Nepal. Sikkim lying on the border with China is the only place in India where land-based casinos are allowed.

The general consensus seemed to be that legislation is still far, given that no political party has sanctioned the bill and as such a private bill has very little chance of ever succeeding. But all agreed that it was encouraging that the long arduous process had started and all were waiting till the dust of the election settles.

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