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P2P Casino – What is it?

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A recent Supreme Court ruling in US removes the ban of 1992 prohibition on legal sports betting at the state level. This legalization on sports betting will definitely push up the massive black market. With this new decision on board every Casino is itching for the opportunity to become the dominant sports bet player in the market.

Online sports betting through platforms like Betclic can be termed to be a perfect platform for business opportunities. The betting platform can help in expanding to other event-type betting such as award shows, political events, and other cultural moments. Casinos can therefore leap the prospect to build a peer-to-peer ( P2P ) betting platform. Both domestically and abroad the pitch is massive.

Large casinos have the opportunity to offer a better deal than online-only companies. Giant casino owners like MGM, Caesar’s, the Sands, Crown Resorts and many others can now step down in the field and compete against online companies like ZenSports, DraftKings, and FanDuel.

Product discounts and experience packages should be offered by Physical casinos for their physical location. Discounts can be given on viewing-party tickets to platform bettors. Deals on other gambling products such as on-site and online table games and slots would be another field to grab the business.

Both the bettor as well the casino will gain from it. One can make fun and unusual bets through a peer-to-peer ( P2P ) betting platform.

So far this new decision since its inception from the May 2018 has enabled 7 states to legalize sports betting. Currently New York is semi-legal and very soon would get hold of full legalization. Over and above this, 14 additional states have also proposed legislation to legalize sports bets.

Sports’ betting is a $104 billion business across the Globe. The black market of sports betting in the US alone is up to $2.5 billion of which more than $10 billion gets derived from the NCAA championship alone.

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