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Spotting Genuine Online Casino in Malaysia

by sam.h
Spotting Genuine Online Casino in Malaysia

The primary challenge for online players is finding a reliable site

There are simply too many online casinos out there. It is hard to tell a genuine online casino to the ones that reek of trouble. You’ve heard the horror stories: scams, withholding withdrawals, stealing information, refusing payout, or straight up bailing.

Here are some guidelines to finding a respectable Malaysia online casino worth your time:

Finding genuine online casino sites

Make sure that the online casino has been operating for at least a few months and not exaggerating their bonuses – if it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is. In certain cases, some casinos will make a separate website of an already established sites. And they are in no way associated with the mentioned site and are only using their platform to scam people. Make sure you are using a well-advertised and branded site.

Word of mouth can be a hit or miss sometimes, but they can be very effective in spotting out the good and bad sites. People who have been playing for a long time often have only several online casinos that they frequent. This is because those sites have gained their trust over a long period of time.

Timeframe for deposit/withdrawals & Bonus

Deposits and withdrawals should not take more than 15 minutes. Under certain circumstances  (operation hours, banking issues, transactions on hold, etc) they may take a bit longer, sometimes even up to an hour. If such delay is a regular occurrence, you might have to consider looking for better options.

A site that cannot provide a regular deposit/withdrawal schedule is not to be relied upon. Since deposit/withdrawal is the main facet of online casino and should be a large focus.

On the topic of bonus/ promotions, certain online casinos sneak in very dodgy terms and conditions (Unreasonably high turnover, short period of time before said bonus expires, etc) or the terms and conditions are not listed at all. Make sure that there is a proper terms and conditions for the said bonuses listed on the site.

Transparent customer service

A respectable online casino should be staffed with customer service agent that can handle tasks efficiently and communicate properly. Often when there are issues arising, the issues should be clarified properly to the players. Clarity is very important and can help the casino gain the trust of the players, despite there being issues arising.

Certain casinos tend to give player the run-around, or constantly giving the same scripted response again and again. And then expect the players to be fine with not being provided appropriate information. Transparency and clarity goes a long way toward building the reputation of a genuine online casino.

Trusted payment gateways

Ensure that reputable payment gateways are used. Information on the payment gateway should be listed on the site or at the very least, the customer service should be able to provide information on them.

The easiest way to tell if it is truly reliable if is your banking detail (username, password) is requested. No genuine online casino sites, or any online services, for that matter, should outright ask you for these details. Regular payment gateways should redirect you to the actual local banking gateway for you to enter your details. Be very careful of sites asking you for your personal information / using spoof website (Fake sites that has a very similar design to the real website)

Search for reviews online

Look for reviews on several different website, or better yet – look for online communities. The actual players can be your best source of information for finding genuine online casino, certain sites even have sections dedicated to scam sites.

GamingSafe Online Casino Site Review – 188Bet188Bet.com

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