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Steam Punk Heroes Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Steam Punk Heroes Slots Game Review

Airships, clockwork constructions and mechanical marvels, all powered by steam.

Enter a world where our mundane electricity is replaced by the wondrous powers of steam. Spin on the Steam Punk Heroes online slots game and win on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Join the adventures of the Steam Punk Heroes and embark on a journey of discovery – leap into a world where mysteries abound and treasures aplenty.

A World of Steam and Heroes

When you enter the amazing steam-powered world of Steam Punk Heroes online digital slots game, you are thrust into a realm where your choices matter. Make the right choices and increase your winnings! When you launch the game client, be sure to set the right coin amount, coin level and the lines. The coin amount is the amount in MYR which is represented by each coin in the slots game. The coin level is the amount of coins you wish to bet on each line. The more you bet, the bigger the amount of your winnings whenever you make matches! Lines represent the number of lines you wish to wager on each spin. The more lines you choose, the bigger your chances of making matches! If you’re the kind of player who wishes to streamline and simplify your play experience – Steam Punk Heroes slots game allows you to do so! Simply hit the Bet Max button next to the Spin button on the bottom right and bet the maximum amount on each spin! Make the right choice! Bet big to win big!

The Wild symbol on the Steam Punk heroes slots game is represented by the multi-coloured Wild symbol. Whenever you hit the Wild symbol in this game, you increase your chances of winning your spins! The Wild symbol helps you win more by substituting for all symbols except for the Scatter symbols. When one or more Wilds substitute in a win, the highest win is paid. Furthermore, whenever you make matches using a Wild symbol, you automatically get a two time (2x) multiplier to your prize!

Keep an eye out for the Steam Punk Heroes logo! This logo represents the Scatter symbol in the Steam Punk Heroes online digital slots machine. When you hit three or more of these Scatter symbols, you automatically trigger the Steam Punked Free Spin Feature! When this free spin feature is triggered, a second screen will appear and you are presented with two gears. The right gear is for the number of free spins you will win, and the left gear is representative of  the amount of your multiplier. Each gear will turn individually, and will have an arrow pointing to the prize. You can start the gears by pressing the “Pull Handle” button. When you do so, the gears will stop rotating automatically at the end of rotations, and the arrows will reveal the multipliers and free spins you will win! You can also re-trigger this feature! When the free spins feature is re-triggered, you will be awarded the feature again, and the screen of gears will be presented again after the initial set of free spins is played!

Be sure you make the right choice and also use the Auto Play function of the Steam Punk Heroes slots game to make your path to winning your spins even easier than before! When you hit the Auto Play button, you are presented with an options menu which allows you to set the number of spins to automatically play in the Steam Punk Heroes slots game from five to up to five hundred auto spins. Furthermore, you can also customise your settings to make sure the slots game automatically stops if you hit a win that is equal to or more than an amount of your choosing! Be a cunning slots game player – strategise your spins and let the machine spin itself for the big win!

Play Steam Punk Heroes Slots Game today!

Get your game in gear in this marvellous mechanical steam punk world!

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