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Suncity boss denies illegal online gambling claims

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Asia’s leading casino junket operator Suncity Group has denied operating illegal online gambling in China, while simultaneously vowing to stop doing anything China views as illegal.

On Saturday 13 July 2019, Suncity Group boss Alvin Chau held a brief press conference in Macau at which he read a statement in response to recent Chinese state-run media reports accusing Suncity of offering online gambling to mainland gamblers in violation of local law.

Chau stated that Suncity’s Macau-licensed Sun City Gaming Promotion Co Ltd “and other related companies have not engaged in any business that violates the laws of the People’s Republic of China and the Macau [special administrative region].”

Despite challenging the claims made in the media reports, Chau said “no legal actions against any media will be taken for this incident.” Chau also apologized “for all the inconvenience caused to the Macau government and the possible negative impact on Macau gaming concessionaires. We hope the concerns generated in both mainland China and the Macau SAR will be eased.”

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