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Team Malaysia Esports For SEA Games 2019

by [email protected]

The nationwide open selection process for Team Malaysia‘s Esports representatives to the upcoming SEA Games 2019 has reached its conclusion last Saturday. While the event was marred by several controversies, let’s focus on the main agenda: six teams and eight individual players across five different game titles have emerged as the top contender for the spot in the national squad.

Here is the full name list:

Regardless of the position that they ended up in the open selection tournament, the finalized squad will only be determined at the national Esports boot camp that will be held from either July or August until November. The members of the squad will be chosen by Esports Malaysia(ESM), National Sports Council, and Ministry of Youth and Sports.

With that, we like to wish all the best to all athletes that have earned their place in the boot camp. While ESM might have a modest target of one gold medal for SEA Games 2019, we reckoned that it is still going to quite a challenge for Team Malaysia as our region are full of eSports athletes that compete at a very high level.

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