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The Codfather Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin

When the Codfather speaks, you better listen! He’s about to make you a puffer you can’t refuse.

Dip yourself into the underwater world, where something is fishy is happening… and you are invited to a special dinner where you are given a very rare opportunity by the Codfather.

The Big Fish

The Codfather is a whimsical aquatic twist on the classic 1972 movie The Godfather, which features a gripping tale of suspense, crime and tragedy in a ruthless mafia family from New York. We follow their intense business dealings, their tales of loyalty and treachery, and the tragic end of an old and rise of a new generation.

In this amazing parody of the Italian mob movie, The Codfather takes the legendary film classic and sets it in the world under the sea. Bring on the fish puns! Take a dip in the oceanic aesthetic and theme, with adorable fishes taking on a mafia twist – a worm on a hook, a seahorse head, a cello case hiding a shark, and a family portrait for the fish mafia family.

The music also takes on a soothing yet also unsettling classical Italian mafia feel. It inspires a feeling of mystery and suspense while you spin and win on this online digital slots machine.

Start Playing The Codfather

When you join the family, the first thing you do is make a few important choices. These choices will affect the amount you will win. These choices are the amount of lines you wish to wager on, and the  amount you wish to wager on each line.The Codfather slots game allows you to bet on one to twenty lines. The more lines you bet on, the higher your chances to win!

The Codfather symbol is the “Wild” symbol in this slots game. This special symbol allows you to make matches with any other symbol in the game. With this, you can make more matches! However, the big boss is not that simple… Not only does he make extra matches for you, when you match three or more Codfather symbols, you trigger the special feature in this game. In this special feature, you are called into a meeting with the big fish bosses. Pick one of the big fish bosses, and you are awarded with protection money. In our screenshot above, we have managed to win MYR1,500 on top of our other normal winnings! It’s that simple!

Online Slots Bonus Feature

The symbol with the game’s name is the Scatter symbol of the Codfather slots game. When you manage to get three or more of these symbols, you will immediately trigger ten free spins! In these bonus spins, not only are they free, your winnings during the free spins are tripled! Truly an offer you cannot refuse.

A real boss takes risks. Are you boss enough? Whenever you win a spin in the Codfather slots game, you are allowed the opportunity to raise the stakes and take it all. Hit the Gamble button next to the win indicator in the centre to enter the mini game. The mini game is simple – pick either Red or Black, or one of the four card suits. The card in the middle will then flip over. If you picked either the correct colour (if you picked Red or Black), or the correct suit (if you picked from the four card suits), then you instantly double (2x) your winnings (if you picked from the colours) or quadruple (4x) your winnings (if you picked from the suits)!

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Learn to delegate like a boss! The Codfather slots game includes a useful auto play feature, which allows you to set the game to spin up to one hundred times automatically, while you deal with the more important things in life. Be a boss, let the game play and win itself for you.

Be the big fish in the murkiest part of the underwater world, and join the other big bosses in their scheme to win cold hard cash in Malaysian Ringgit. Do you have the gills to win the dollar bills in this high stakes game?

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