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Online Casino Agents – The Dangers of Dealing with Them

by new_c_admin
online casino agents in malaysia

Agents have existed for all types of lucrative businesses and Online Casinos in Malaysia are no exception, although this can erode the margins for the online casino operator it is often taken as an accepted business expense since its related to how much volume agents bring in.

However, agents are often only drawn only by the short term gains (easily drawn to another online casino website that offers a higher rate). This may not bode well for the player, an agent is an additional cost to the operator and very often going direct gets you a better deal. Speak to your favourite online casino operator before you decide to withdraw and try your luck elsewhere. If you need some trusted online casino sites in Malaysia to consider, take a look at our review section.

Since 2012, we have observed countless operators open and close like mushrooms after the rain. Like Brick and Mortar, trust is one of the most if not the utmost important factor when choosing which gambling site to play with. We do not try to provide an exhaustive list of gambling sites in Malaysia for you, we just focus on a few that: –

  • have been around for some time (at least a year, unless they are truly exceptional)
  • have a good reputation (not because we say they do, but the majority of you say so)
  • have more good reviews than bad (everyone has bad reviews)
  • have a reliable means of payment (here are one of our favourites)

Recently, many gambling sites have also ditched the practice of having agents because they reflect your reputation and they are extremely difficult to manage.

Google Trends – Top Online Casino Games in Malaysia


i1Dunia (or i1World) brings to the online casino player in Malaysia a one-stop for all the most popular online casino games in Malaysia,(even Google agrees) namely: – – 65,000 results cannot be Wrong!

More than 350,000 players in Malaysia cannot be wrong, in an exclusive telephone interview (because of the covid19 movement order) the operator had this to say: –

We are who we are today because of our players, and as we grow the i1 group of companies we hope that our players continue to give us their trust and their support. i1Dunia brings all our offerings together and you will see more in our pipeline in the coming months. Stay Home, Stay Safe Malaysia!

Playing Safe

At Gamingsafe, we continue to review all the online casino sites in Malaysia to find out which are trusted and which we should blacklist. But we couldn’t do what we do without your support, please continue to send us your reports here. For those who are bored and want to learn something new, you can look at our Gaming Guide.

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