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Dutch Senate votes the Dutch Remote Gambling Act

by new_c_admin

The Dutch Remote Gambling Act (Wet online kansspelen op afstand) has officially been adopted with a majority vote of 44 out 75 by the Dutch Senate!

It is safe to say that the adoption of the RGA was no small feat. In the last few weeks, it became clear that there was still uncertainty and quite a lot discussion among the different stakeholders.

Next to the vote with respect to the RGA itself, the Senate also voted on six different legislative motions from members of the Senate.

The RGA provides for a licensed regime for the offering of online games of chance aimed at the Netherlands.

There are a few last steps to be taken in the legislative process: the final RGA will be signed by the King of the Netherlands, after which it will be ‘countersigned’ by the minister. After this, the RGA will be published (promulgated) in the Official Gazette. The date of entry into force will be regulated by a separate Royal Decree on the entry into force.

With respect to the license itself: it is not yet clear when exactly parties can apply for a license with the KSA and when the exact license requirements/application forms will be published. We received mixed information from the KSA in this respect (differing from summer 2019 to summer 2020). However, the KSA mentioned that more guidance will be published shortly.


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