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The Popularity of Casino Roulette

by sam.h
The Popularity of Casino Roulette

Perfection in Simplicity – A Look At The Charm of Roulette

The Roulette is a staple table game in all online casino as well as land-based casino these days. But unlike its counterparts (Blackjack, Poker, Slots, etc) it offers something special – Roulette is a social game.

Social Game

Roulette is different from the other casino games, because players do not compete against each other. In games like blackjack, poker, players wager against each other, there are many strategies and often even mind games involved. Of course, the competitive spirit in those games is a large draw for some players. However, sometimes you just want to sit back with a large group and have fun together, and that is what makes roulette so special. There are no “sides” and everyone can make the same bet if they want.


The premise of roulette is simple – The wheel consists of numbers 1 — 36, alternately colored red and black, plus 0 and 00, which are green. The dealer spins the Roulette wheel and spins the ball in the opposite direction. To win, you must predict where the ball will come to rest on the Roulette wheel. The payout for straight-up bets are especially large, adding an excitement factor

There are also various unique bets that makes the roulette wheel so engaging. There are selections of odds number, even number, column bets, range bets, etc. Online casinos may sometimes offer a larger payout compared to land-based casinos as well.

Type of BetNumbers to Bet OnOdds
Straight upAny individual number35:1
SplitAny two adjoining numbers (Vertical / Horizontal)17:1
StreetAny three numbers horizontal (1,2,3 / 4,5,6 / etc.)11:1
CornerAny four adjoining numbers8:1
Column4 column section of the roulette chart (12 total numbers)2:1
Dozen1 through 12 / 13 through 24 / 25 through 362:1
OddOdd numbers (1, 3, 5, 7… 33, 35)1:1
EvenEven numbers (2, 4, 6, 8… 34,36)1:1
Red / BlackRed / Black dots1:1
Range1 to 18 / 19 to 361:1
Regular Casino Roulette Payout Chart


Roulette is characteristically designed to be exciting, the ball gets propelled and quickly spins around the wheel before slowly slowing down at a number. This way it captures the attention of everyone at the table, and there is always adrenaline involved depending on the stakes, it is especially exciting when someone hits a straight up. Excitement shared between the players is a large charm of the game of roulette, whether its at a land-based casino or online casino.

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