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The Stars of Malaysia Poker Scene

by sam.h
The Stars of Malaysia Poker Scene

The online poker industry is filled with people across all nations, in the grand international stage, Malaysians as well have established themselves as prestigious members of the community.

Due to the restrictions of gambling laws in Malaysia, it is considered harder for poker players to earn their reputation in the global scene. However, with the help of online casino, many player find themselves a stage to propel their reputation.

Online Poker Provides The Same Competitiveness As Land-Based Casinos

Top Poker Players in Malaysia

Christopher Michael Soyza

Christopher currently ranks at the top of the nation’s ranking as seen on the global poker index. Recently coming in second the No Limit Short Deck Hold’em competition organized by Sochi Casino and Resort. He currently boasts a total career winning of 8,376,715.00 USD and is currently representing the team Natural8 which is one the leading online poker platforms.

Paul Phua

Hailed as one of the most famous player originating from Malaysia. Paul Phua is the classic tale of poker is not limited to age, he was in his 40s when he started learning from pro players who moved from Las Vegas to Macau. His first big breakout in the poker industry was when he defeated fellow famous Malaysian player Richard Yong. He earned his biggest cash prize of 1,621,297USD in heads up play.

Paul Phua is an established veteran in the scene and is one of the most prominent figures. His total winning is 18,505,373USD and ranks 3rd in the global poker index.

Seng Yee Leow

One of the most active players of the scene, he has a long list of accolades under his belt – 1st Place in the Super High Roller series 2018 in Paradise City Incheon. 1st Place in the Trinton High Roller Series Jeju and many more. His total career winning so far is 8,639,779USD and is looking to continue going up with no signs of stopping

Online Poker Is The Next Big Stage

With an endless string of large online tournaments in online casinos, there is no shortage of platform for players to earn their mantle. The country is an exceptional tourism magnet with tourists from locations like Macau, Philippines, Hong Kong. Malaysia is shaping up to be the next stage for a grand online poker phenomenon.

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