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Tiger vs Bear Slot Game Review

by new_c_admin
Tiger vs Bear Slot Game Review

Tiger vs Bear Slot Game Review

Get ready to get wild! The Siberian frontier is a ruthless place to be! Start playing the Tiger vs Bear: Siberian Standoff online slots game and watch the two fiercest animals in the tundra battle it out, and stand a chance to win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash when you play on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Start Playing Tiger vs Bear Slots Game

Get ready for the epic showdown of beast vs beast. When you start off the Tiger vs Bear: Siberian Standoff online digital slots game, you get the chance to make some very important choices that will greatly influence the outcome of your spins on this slots game. When you open up the game client, you get the choices of deciding the coin level, the lines and the coins. The coin level is the amount in MYR you wish to bet on each of the lines of your slots game spins. The coins is the amount of coins you wish to wager on each of your slots game spins. The more you wager on each of  your spins, the bigger your winnings whenever you make the right matches! Bet bigger to win bigger! Be brave! Want to take a simple and streamlined approach? If you are eager to immediately start playing and don’t want to bother with the unnecessary stuff, simply hit the Bet Max button that is present right next to the Spin button. When you hit the Bet Max button, the slots game automatically helps you pick the maximum amount to bet, as allowed by your online gaming site, and you are immediately on your way to winning! Make the right choice – be sure to bet the maximum amount so that you can maximise your winnings when you make matches!

All wins pay left to right on adjacent reels, beginning with the leftmost wheel, except for the Scatter symbols. All wins are paid on the lines played, except scatters, which are added to the line wins. The highest  win is paid on any played line, and all wins are multiplied by the number of coins bet per line!

Keep an eye out for the Wild symbol in the Tiger vs Bear: Siberian Standoff online digital slots machine! This Wild symbol is truly wild! It will help you increase your chances of winning by helping you make more matches! The Wild symbol will help you substitute for all other symbols that appear on the slots reels, except for the Scatter symbol. When one or more Wild symbols substitute in a win, the highest win is paid. Whenever you hit a win with a Wild symbol helping you substitute, the winning combination’s prize is doubled (2x)!

You’ll also want to hit the Tiger vs Bear Logo Scatter symbol. This Scatter symbol is a special symbol that will help you hit the special feature of the game. The Scatter wins will pay in any position, and is multiplied by your total wager!

And now we reach the most exciting feature of the Tiger vs Bear slots game! When you have the Tiger symbol appearing on reel one and the Bear symbol appearing on reel five, or vice versa, you immediately trigger the Siberian Battle feature! When this feature is triggered, you are given the choice between the Tiger or the Bear – once picked, they will go into battle mode. If you have picked the tiger and the tiger wins, you are awarded with eight free spins in the Tiger Free Spins feature. Otherwise, you are awarded with four free spins. If you have picked the bear and the bear wins, you will receive a multiplier of two times (2x) for the Bear Claw feature.

If the Bear Feature is picked, you will be taken to a second screen of bear claws. You will have to pick until you choose one of the “Stopper” underneath. The stopper will  stop the game, and you are awarded the accumulated prize! So stay away from the stopper as much as possible to maximise your winnings! If you have picked the bear during the Tiger vs Bear trigger and won, the prize value is doubled!

If you have picked the Tiger Feature instead, you are awarded with four free spins in which the Tiger will swipe through the reels, randomly turning it Wild. During these free spins, up the three reels can turn Wild on reels two, three and four. If you have picked the tiger during the Tiger vs Bear trigger and won, you will win eight free spins! During the free spins, you can also re-trigger the feature. If the feature is re-triggered during the bonus, you will receive an additional eight or four free spins, depending on the initial battle feature win! Keep up the combo and win it big!

Play Tiger vs Bear Slots Game today!

Be the badass wild animal!

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