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Tips to be a better CS: GO player

by puvana88
Tips to be a better CS: GO player

The constantly evolving content of the game allows it to hold its players for years. There are some CS: GO tactics that you need to apply in order to be better in the game, so we are here with a ranking of tactics to play better CS: GO.

Tactics to play better CS: GO

It takes a lot of work to be good at FPS games. If you don’t intend to make gaming a business, it’s best to make entertainment your top priority. Whether you play perfectly; you wanna play it lousy. If playing a game feels good for you, nothing more is needed!

Make sure your computer is sufficient to play the game

No matter how good a player you are, if your system cannot run the game above 60 FPS, system-related problems will likely occur. So for the best gaming experience, first make sure your system is sufficient for the game. If your system is not very good and you want to get high FPS values ​​at playable settings, you can review the guide below.

Make the right choice of equipment

Equipment is very important in order to reflect your gameplay to the game. Choosing a quality mouse and headset is very important in CS: GO and other FPS games. Using ergonomic and quality equipment will contribute to your gameplay. My recommendation is to get a 7.1 Surround supported headset and a mouse that works at at least 500Hz refresh rate. The keyboard is not of great importance for FPS games, it is enough to have a comfortable keyboard.

Practice before entering the match

CS: GO tactics: What is Spray?

Spray is the fire profile created by the recoil of the weapon. Notice that when you scan it with a weapon, the bullets bounce. This tab has a separate profile for each weapon. If you pull the gun down as the bullets go up, most of the bullets will go to the enemy. It is very important to improve your spray in order to play weapons that bounce too much, especially the AK-47. You can improve this from the Aim Botz map we just mentioned.

CS: GO tactics: what is sounding?

This must be the easiest term to understand. It is to hear where the enemy is coming from by following the footsteps of the enemy. This is what makes headphone selection important for CS: GO. Headsets that support technologies such as 7.1 Surround make it easier to understand where the enemy is coming from. There are some maps available to improve this ability, but we do not recommend playing them. If your headphones are capable of losing sound, enter a match and listen to the footsteps of the enemies, and you will see that this skill improves as you play. In order to play better CS: GO, the tactics in this sub-title should be constantly improved.

Play with your own settings

One of the mistakes made by beginners to the game is to use the settings files of professional players. However, the right setting for you is the one that makes you comfortable. Professionals may have some optimizations in their settings, but you should always choose the settings that suit you. You may not know much about your game settings at first, but if you discover the settings that suit you over time, it will be more comfortable to play the game.

Maintain communication with the team

Communication with the team is very important in FPS games such as CS: GO. You should use voice chat for this, if you don’t have a microphone, text chat can also work. You do not need to have a high level of English to communicate with the team, you only need to know certain words.

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