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Top 918Kiss Site in Malaysia

by new_c_admin

What is the top or best 918Kiss site? This is perhaps one of the top questions posted by our visitors on our email, chatra and discord channels.

918Kiss is one of the top if not the very top of online casino Malaysia related keywords on Google.

How did it get there? It has been operating in the Malaysia market for many years now and its simple and fast loading games which give players a decent chance of winning have made it extremely popular. If you had a 5 year old android phone or the latest Samsung, Oppo or Apple it doesnt really matter. 918Kiss will work just as well on the older device as it will the new.

All sites proving 918Kiss are the same?

Well the games they provide are not the same, there are at least 2 copies that we know of. The copies have some games missing and they vary based on the site. But all these are not that important, what is important are 2 other factors:-

  • Return to Player (this is expressed in terms of a %)
  • Payment Gateway / Provider
  • Bonus (formally tied to turnover)
  • Daily Withdrawal Limits

Return to player is a factor that all Random Number Generator (RNG) games have, this is a setting that the game provider can set to decide how frequently the player can win. So if the number is higher, player gets a better chance of winning. But if the player wins all the time, its unlikely the site will be around for long.

Payment is important because once you make the deposit you don’t want to wait too long before your account is credited so that you can start playing. On the other hand, you couldn’t want to wait too long when you do your withdrawals either. So this is extremely important. If the payment gateway fails or doesn’t honour the payment, it will fall back on the operator to find other ways to make that payment.

Bonuses have always been a draw for players, however for seasoned players this is hardly a draw. Bonuses give players a bigger pot with lesser money out of pocket, but you know what they say about don’t gamble with money you don’t have right. Bonuses are a cost to the operator, at the end of the day they are running a business.

Daily withdrawal limits keep you from withdrawing all your winnings and force you to continue playing, this gives the operator a chance to win back whatever they have lost. Some of these are also affected by the country you’re in and the payment options available, too large a sum and you get on the radar of law enforcement.

Can we trust Online Forum Reviews?

People online are faceless and can assume any identity they so wish, one bad review does not make a website bad but if you look into the law of averages e.g. more than 30%, then its a cause for concern. If its 50% and above, I suggest you take your chances elsewhere where the odds you’re up against are just against the RNG and Lady Luck.

The more detail provided in posts are also a good indication of the authenticity of the post, anyone who spends time to put in the effort in a posts believes very strongly in what they are posting.

What makes a Trusted Site?

We at Gamingsafe spend Time, Money and Effort to review sites. Some of which we source, others recommended by friends and the rest submitted by our visitors. We thank you for your reports and we try our best to review every submission. As our site is not for profit, resource is not unlimited.

Here are the basics that we look for in a trusted site: –

  • How long has the site been around?
  • Does it load fast?
  • Does the website have clear terms and conditions?
  • Does the customer service respond in a timely manner?
  • Is the payment process smooth?

If you have a site which you think should be listed, please email us at [email protected] Take a look at our Trusted Online Casino Malaysia Sites here.

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