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Top 10 Online Malaysia Casino on Google

by new_c_admin
Google Ranking Online Casino Malaysia

Should we trust Google? Are the top-ranked sites always good? What makes an online casino website good?

We did a search for “online casino malaysia” which is a popular keyword for Google Malaysia with a search volume of 22.2k for Malaysia and 31.5k globally. Although this is a very popular search keyword, there are others which are a lot more popular in Malaysia and they are: –

A site ranks high on Google because of Search Engine Optimisation, many online gambling sites use black hat SEO tactics to get listed on the first page of the search. However, they often do not stay for long because Google’s AI learns and adjusts accordingly. Google always advocates site owners to follow the guidelines to avoid huge fluctuations in their rankings – whatever serves your users/viewers will also serve your rankings well.

Google is a directory, it shows you what it thinks you are looking for – the rest is up to you!

Semrush Report on Keyword “Online Casino Malaysia”

We decided to give them a try to see how good they are, and boy was we shocked! Whatever they invested in their SEO marketing, they should’ve invested in running their site. This site is currently ranked #1 on Google, and look at the surprise they have for you when you land on their site.

Are the top ranked sites always good?

Top Ranked Website for Online Casino Malaysia (nombor satu)

Trust is something that doesn’t come easy and is lost in the blink of an eye. You are greeted with a popup that says “if you play this game we will not accept your withdrawal and deduct your balance.”. If you don’t want me to play the game, why don’t you disable the game or put it on maintenance? I came to your website to play and not to be presented with all these traps. And by the looks of the notice, the games that are having issues are the games that are the most popular in Malaysia.

Many games does not make you a good online gambling website, if your games are good and you give your players what they want all you need are just those. There are many single game sites available out there, multi game websites target you, want to keep you on their site longer and lose your winnings back to the house.

If you’re looking for similar games on sites that you can trust, take a look at our Trusted Online Casinos Listing for Malaysia. A lot of blood, sweat and tears have been put into it during creation and continuously whilst we update the reviews.

What makes an Online Casino Good?

At Gamingsafe, we are firstly online casino players before becoming reviewers – we focus on a country we know well, Malaysia. Although many players have asked us to include Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam, we want to do Malaysia well first. Here are the factors which we find the most key to making an online casino GOOD!: –

  • Terms & Conditions – Short, single and easy to understand. I did not take law and I don’t intend to do so!
  • Customer Service – Fast, gives me clear answers without going one big round.
  • Payment – Give me credits fast when I deposit, Pay me fast when I withdraw
  • Website – Simple and fast, I came to play!

Some may find these overly simplified but isn’t life complicated enough already?

In conclusion, we leave you to decide if you trust our Top 10 or Google’s Top 10 when it comes to Online Casinos in Malaysia. Google uses artificial intelligence, we use our team of volunteers that use our own MYR.

CMCO is here, Stay Safe, Play Safe!

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