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Tropical Treasure Slot Game Review

by jenx
Tropical Treasure Slot

It is said that deep down in the Tropical Ocean lives a group of magical marine animals.

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Tropical Treasure Gameplay

Plunge into the tranquil waters of Tropical Treasure. You might just find one of three progressive jackpots lurking in among the coral reef.

Tropical Treasure Slot

This 5-reel slot machine comes with a set of 30 pay-lines. Upon which punters will be able to spot some of the most colourful fish in the sea. Coral reefs provide some of the weirdest yet most beautiful ecosystems on the planet. The underwater habitats are filled with all sorts of strange and magnificent creatures. From rainbow coloured fish to spiny anemones and creepy crawly crustaceans.

This SimplePlay slot machine won’t reveal all of the fish that can be found in a typical coral reef habitat. But it sure does show some of the more striking specimens. There are crazy-looking lion fish, iconic clown fish, odd-looking flowerhorn cichlids, predatory catfish as well as striking yellow and blue butterfly fish.

The quality of the game’s design lies in the brightness of the colours and soft use of light which helps to place punters deep into the underwater environment. To be fair, it’s a fairly good way to catch a glimpse of a coral reef without getting wet or being eaten by a shark!

Tropical Treasure Slot

Some of them have destructive power like a bomb which can conversely unearth more treasure. Anyone who is able to catch them all will obtain massive treasure. Tropical Treasure features 5 options of free games to choose.


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