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What is a Trusted Online Casino in Malaysia?

by new_c_admin

Trusted comes from the word trust which is to believe in the reliability, trust, or ability of.

In the context of online casinos in Malaysia, it would be that: –

  1. the online casino you are playing at is here to stay and not fly by night
  2. they respond equally fast when they receive your deposits as well as when you request for withdrawals
  3. ability to award your bonuses in a timely manner, with no dodgy fine print and terms & conditions
  4. willingness to help when you encounter issues such as credits no in the appropriate wallet (when playing with sites with transfer wallets)
  5. give you a straight answer, instead of giving you the runaround or putting you on hold
  6. they deal with respectable payment gateways, so you get more answers than excuses

How do you know if they fly by night?

Word of mouth works quite well in this industry especially when it comes from a close friend or acquaintance, the other is to look for websites that do the hard work of reviewing online casinos for you such as Gamingsafe.

Make sure that the online casino has been operating for at least a few months and not promising ridiculous promotions. Nobody starts an online casino to give away money, they need to make money too.

What is the normal timeframe for deposits and withdrawals?

This differs very much based on the country you are in since we know online casinos in Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia we will stick to our areas of familiarity. It takes between minutes to a maximum of a day, if there are issues customer service should give you a quality answer (with details) and not give you the same script over and over again like a parrot.

What is a transfer wallet?

When you top up your wallet on an online casino, they will hold it and then transfer it to the game you want to play. This works for most of the websites, but in recent years more and more online casinos are going seamless meaning the transfer is done automatically.

Sometimes there can be issues, and this is the time you test the website and its customer service on trust and efficiency.

What is a trusted payment gateway?

We have a section dedicated to payment gateways, where we have written from the mainstream credit/debit cards (these do not work well in Asia) because we are in a grey (unregulated) market. In its place, we have providers such as Help2Pay which provide intelligent software that does transfers with the existing banking system and this has been working well for years now.

So far, we’ve not received any serious complaint about Help2Pay asides from a few which have that uncommon issue with withdrawals. Even the normal banks have bad days, so I would expect Help2Pay to have them too. We are critical of all that we review, but we are above all – FAIR!

Why should I trust Gamingsafe?

Gamingsafe is run by people who love online casinos, people who have got burned and people who want more people out there to have a fair chance at beating the house.

  • Be careful that review sites do not “cut and paste” from other sites.
  • Trust those who do not have a financial gain for giving a favorable rating.

Be wary of critical ratings as it may be a slime campaign, look at all the comments and it should be easy to judge for yourself.

Should I trust reviews?

Look for multiple reviews on multiple sites, watch out for the same style of writing. Look for reviews with at least 10-15 in the thread that has a different style of writing. Best of all, post a question and ask more – most would be willing to share more.

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