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Twitter Announces New ‘Fleets’ Feature

by sam.h
Twitter Fleets

Twitter announces a new story-like ‘Fleets’ feature

Now, any mobile Twitter user, regardless of where they live or what platform they’re on. Will have access to Fleets, which will sit right at the top of the timeline in a row of Stories-like bubbles. Which, you’ve guessed it, is similar to Snapchat, or Instagram, or Facebook.

As you may expect, ut was a rather controversial one amongst the Twitter user base.  The company said it recognized that many users simply lurked on the platform and rarely posted. Fleets, it said, could make it easier for people to communicate without worrying about being criticized for their posts. Due to the current social media landscape, it is an increasingly worrying phenomenon.

“We’ve learned that some people feel more comfortable joining conversations on Twitter with this ephemeral format, so what they’re saying lives just for a moment in time – We can create a space with less pressure that allows people to express themselves in a way that feels a bit safer.”

Joshua Harris, Twitter director of design

While Fleets may not be the ultimate solution to curing general online toxicity, it may just be a step forward.

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