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Two Dota 2 players make switch to Mobile Legends

by puvana88

Two ex Dota 2 professional players have made the switch from Dota 2 to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang since the start of the year. 

Kenneth “Flysolo” Coloma, veteran Filipino captain and support player, announced just a few days ago that he would be retiring from Dota 2 and making a transition to Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Flysolo spent over ten years playing competitive Dota, starting with DotA 1 before moving over to Dota 2. 

“I will try my luck and apply my drafting skills on this game. Bye Dota 2 world. It was a pleasure to meet you all,” posted Flysolo on his Facebook page. 

He is the second former Dota 2 professional player to make such a decision since the start of the new year. 

Mark Anthony “Jacko” Soriano announced in January that he was looking for a new beginning in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Jacko was banned from Valve sanctioned events in 2016 due to match-fixing when he was only 16 years old —a shameful fate for the Filipino player many considered a prodigy. 

 Amihan E-sports revealed that they had signed Jacko to their Mobile Legends lineup as they posted on their Facebook page

Jacko’s decision to transfer to Mobile Legends signifies a story within all of us. A symbol of redemption of oneself and forgiving your own past. We understand the frustration between his famous 322 scandal and many more, but in the end it took big guts for Jacko to talk with the management and open up about his decision.

In a recent interview with the Manila Bulletin, Jacko said “When something goes wrong, what’s the best course of action? To change your direction.”

Although under different circumstances, for both players it is about continuing to be active in a competitive MOBA environment and harness a brighter future. 


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