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Types of Basketball Bets

by sam.h
Types of Basketball Bets

With the NBA Restart Playoff approaching, GamingSafe is here to jog you through the betting basics

Things are heating up in Orlando for the NBA, especially for four notable teams in the Western Conference. These lucky teams are the Portland Traiblazers, Memphis Grizzlies, San Antonio Spurs, and the Phoenix Suns. With less than a game break in between these teams, they all have one final game to play for their chances of reaching the playoff. The #8 seed is still up for grabs for these teams.

With the long-awaited NBA playoffs approaching, here are some of the basics you should know when it comes to basketball betting.

Common Bets

Point spread: Point spread is considered the most basic form of betting also commonly seen across other sports. Player wagers their bet on the point differential between two teams. For example:
Team A -5.5 vs Team B +5.5
This is what is commonly known as a ‘handicap’. If the player bets on Team A it implies that team A will have to win more than 5.5 points. While if the player wagers on team B then team B will have to either win or lose by no more than 5.5. Point spread can be bet across the entire game or for a specific quarter, so there are many options

Over/Under: Over/Under is a wager on whether a certain statistic reaches above a certain threshold, such as the final points combined being more then 220. Moreover, there are many different wagers for Over/Under. Like point spread, over/under can be applied to a specific quarter, it can also be wagered on total amount of free throws / three points

Money Lines: Bettors who wants to spare the unpredictable factor of point spread can bet on money line. Money line is as simple as they come, as the saying goes – bet on the winning horse. The odds are reflected accordingly and whoever bets on the correct team to win, wins it all

Preposition Betting

Preposition bet is an extra caveat of betting that basketball offers. Preposition bets, also known as prop bets allow bettors to bet on many specific occurrences. It is commonly wagered on a specific player’s stats, especially the star players of the team. This is where the betting options really opens up and grants bettors who have basketball knowledge an edge. Types of prop bets may include:

  • Total amount of points scored by a player
  • Total amount of blocks by a team
  • Total amount of dunks in a match
  • Total amount of lead change / tie in a match
  • Total amount of 3 pointers


In the playoffs, there will be more bets on series opening up. As games are played in a best out of 7 format, you can only imagine the potential bets and winnings to be had. Don’t miss out on the NBA 2019 – 2020 playoffs and jump into basketball betting on our list of recommended sites!

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