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Unearthing Sabah’s esport potential

by new_c_admin

Sabah may be on course to becoming a force in the emerging esport arena with the staging of the Immortals Cup in March next year which, initially, will be restricted to participation by gamers within Malaysian Borneo and Brunei.

Announcing this at a press conference, Monday, the inaugural event’s Organising Committee Chairman Lawrence Yeh said the event is also in line with Youth and Sports Minister Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman’s vision to transform Malaysia into an esport powerhouse in Asia.

Esport involves players pitting their online and/or LAN skills in specific video games that requires sharp reflexes, quick thinking and strategy in order to win. Several young gaming buffs in the peninsula are already making an impact in this sport that is taking the world by storm, with some reportedly earning millions of ringgit.

“Youth development is another area that Syed Saddiq is very passionate about. These are the driving forces behind organising this event,” Lawrence said.

He noted that Sabah and Sarawak have many potential esport athletes but lack platforms to showcase their talents to the nation, region or world.

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