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Untamed Crowned Eagle Slots Game Review

by new_c_admin

Untamed Crowned Eagle Slots Game Review

Soar like an eagle in the skies!

Join the king of the skies and feel the freedom! Play the Untamed Crowned Eagle online digital slots game and win real life Malaysian Ringgit in cash when you play on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia.

Start Playing Untamed Crowned Eagle Slots Game

Player agency is of utmost importance in the Untamed Crowned Eagle online slots game. When you start playing this online slots machine, you are given the chance to make some choices which will greatly influence the amount of winnings you are able to win when you make matches on the slots reels. When you open up the game client, you are able to choose the coin size and coins before you hit the Spin button to start your game. The coin size is the amount in MYR which will be represented by each of the coins that you use for wagering in this slots game. The coins is the number of coins you wish to bet on each of your spins on the slots game. The more you bet, the greater your amount of wins! Make sure you maximise your gains by making the right choices! You can also choose a more streamlined approach to playing this slots game – use the Bet adjustment option and choose the total amount in MYR you wish to bet. This will let the slots game automatically choose the previous two options and adjust it according to your required bet amount. Make things easy for yourself, bet the maximum amount that is allowed by your gaming site, and maximise your potential winnings!

The Wild symbol in the Untamed Crowned Eagle slots game is represented by the logo of the game itself. When you hit this special Wild symbol, it will help increase your chances of winning! This Wild symbol will substitute for all other symbols which appear on the slots reels except for the Eagle Eye symbol. Hit more, and greatly increase your chances of making matches and winning it big!

That is not the only Wild feature available in this game, however. The Untamed Crowned Eagle online slots game also features the Collect a Wild function! This special feature will function like so: Each time you get an Untamed Wild Eagle Wild symbol on your spins, it will activate a Wild icon displayed beneath the reel. Collecting four of these icons turns the entire reel Wild for four whole spins! That’s amazing!

Keep an eye out for the Eagle Eye Scatter symbol! Hitting the Eagle Eye Scatter symbol on reels three, four and five immediately wins you ten free Spins! During this free spins feature, you also activate the Soaring Wild special feature! Take to the skies in search of a random symbol to turn wild! Soaring Wild wins randomly multiply your winnings by a two times (2x), three times (3x), four times (4x), five times (5x) or a whopping ten times (10x) multiplier! Soaring Wilds appear in free spins only. All bets played are the same as the game that triggered the feature. Free spins cannot be re-triggered. Do no fret, however. Even if you miss an Eagle Eye Scatter symbol, you still have a chance! With a little luck, a peeking Eagle Eye Scatter symbol may auto nudge from above or below the reels to trigger the Free Spins Feature!

Be sure to also try the Your Gamble feature whenever you make matches and make some wins in the slots reels! Whenever you make some wins, the Gamble feature shows up above the Spin button. Hit the Gamble button, and you trigger the Your Gamble special feature. In this mini-game, you are shown a dial with your odds to win, and the amount that you have a chance of winning. Hit the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to adjust your gamble odds. Hit the Bank button to save 50% of your bet. Press the Spin button to spin the needle! If the needle lands in the green area, the win is increased to the amount displayed in the “Gamble to Win” box. If the needle lands in the red area, you lose the amount gambled and exit with the saved amount. The Collect button will pay out your winnings and end the Gamble Feature. You may gamble your winnings until the gamble limit is reached, so be sure to keep up that winning streak if you are really feeling it! Bet big and win big!

Play Untamed Crowned Eagle Slots Game today!

Take to the skies and fly like an eagle!

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