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User Reports of Fraud at w88

by sam.h

An anonymous user reports delayed withdrawal from w88

After submitting a withdrawal for RM15,000.00 from total main wallet balance of RM70,000.00 at w88, an anonymous user reports of delayed withdrawal potentially due to the large sum.

The withdrawal was not processed even after a full day had passed.

After contacting customer support channel at w88, a definite answer for the delay of withdrawal was not given even after a full day had passed. The screenshots of the conversation is enclosed below where w88 customer service department did not provide a clear answer as to the status of the withdrawal nor provide a clear timeline.

Throughout the conversation, the messages constantly relayed to the user was “All withdrawal will be under checking and verify first before it can process, for ten to verify there’s no exact time kindly wait for the process time thank you”

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