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Veteran Tips for Beginner Casino Players

by sam.h

The first 10 minutes may make or break your experience

The first 10 minutes of a trip to the casino may make or break your experience. Those 10 minutes can set the tone for your stay and may very well impact the outcome of your stay!

In that time frame, players will make several key decisions. This includes the amount of money you plan to spend, the game you’ll be playing, and surprisingly, whether you will go to the bar or not.

With that said, it’s always possible to change the course of a trip, as nothing is set in stone until you cash in your chips. So no matter how poorly you start, always remember there’s a way to bounce back—unless you blow through your entire bankroll, of course.

To make sure you’re ready to make the best decisions possible, here are some pro advice for you to kick off your game strong!

Tip 1: Pick a casino you like

Picking a casino is the most vital part of the process. Fortunately, we at GamingSafe has you covered! Check out our article on how to pick a safe casino for a start.

Picking a casino can be harder than it may appear since there are many things to consider:

  • Safety
  • Deposit / Withdrawal efficiency
  • Value of promotions

If you find yourself having many options, it’s worth taking some time to research them. Consulting customer reviews or reach out to fellow players to solidify your opinion. Remember that the popular casinos are not always good, and the good ones are not always popular!

Tip 2: Set your bankroll

There is no golden formula to deciding your bankroll, after all, the decision comes down to you and you alone. That budget should come from any surplus in your entertainment expenses and shouldn’t cause unease.

Gambling with money that you depend on to maintain your livelihood is unwise. Doing so can put you in financial peril and result in serious problems. Having a bankroll is also a good way for you to realize when you have ‘gone too far’. In general, it is a great disciplined practice to establish a bankroll before getting started. Don’t decide your bankroll only after getting your first big win!

Tip 3: Lay off the drinks

This more so applies for going to real casinos which is not possible during these pandemic times, but we see you drinking at home as well! To be fair, it is a great luxury to drink and immerse yourself in the casino mood, but we would advise against that.

It is no surprise that drinking may lead to more… brave decisions. Especially in the case of newer players, it is better to lay off the drinks for the moment and play with a sharp mind!

Tip 4: Start in your comfort zone

Most pros have their casino games of choice. When they play in their comfort zone, they already know how much they’re willing to bet per hand, what are the risks of each hand, and when to walk away.

That is a clear result of experience gained over years of playing. People gravitate toward the games they enjoy and have achieved success in the past. Comfort zone is a real thing and we advise you to play to your strengths as well! If you want to adventure out and try new games, save a smaller bankroll for it. It is wise to balance adventure and tactic.

Tip 5: Assess your situation

The gambler’s luck can be a very volatile thing. One minute you hit a huge jackpot, the stuff of dreams, and the next minute you blow a large hand.

It is very common for there to be volatile swings, so what’s important is that you expect them and know how to plan accordingly. The situation may be constantly changing very few rounds, so having the state of mind to observe your situation in the big picture is a huge bonus.

As mentioned earlier, your first few minutes at a table can set the tone for the rest of the game. If your chip count takes a big hit early, don’t hesitate to strike pause and reassess your situation.

Tip 6: Don’t get ahead of yourself

Picture this scenario that we have all always dreamed of: You sit down at a table and right off the bat, you win three big hands in a row. Isn’t that amazing?

At that point, you realize that you have doubled, tripled your initial bank roll, and you start to be fueled by courage. You start to cast larger wager and take bigger risks, depending on your luck that day, it may work out for you or be a catastrophic crash and burn.

This echoes to our previous tip #2: Set a bankroll. If you set a bankroll before you get started, do not raise it just because you’re winning. A good, disciplined playstyle will reward you in the long run.

Increasing your bet might feel like a natural response to winning. But the money you win during a heater can vanish just as fast as it appeared.

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