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Warning! Beware of Dodgy Payment Gateways

by new_c_admin
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Ease of use has never been synonymous with safety/security, over the years we’ve witnessed many payment gateways with flashy websites come and go. Each promising speed, ease of use and safety – however, there is no assessment by an independent 3rd party.

During our reporter’s recent visit to Phil Asian Gaming Expo in Manila, we got to meet some of ex-Webet and ex-Paysec staff and they agreed to share with us provided we granted them anonymity.

“We had stopped getting our wages for several months, people were being let go and servers were being sold. We were being told that once we are sold, we will be paid our dues.” – Janet.

The Philippines labour law protects its labour force aggressively and will take action against all employers that flout the law. It is our understanding that despite many changes in contact numbers of its owner, its employees had been resourceful enough to get back in contact. However, they had only been given promises and nothing much else. (Click here for more info)

payment of wages/salaries

Ex-employees of Paysec also told us that there are rumours circulating that Paysec will reappear with a brand new look. What kind of assurances do the end-users of payment gateways have if all that is changed is but the superficial surface?

We urge all using payment gateways to ask the following questions:

  • how long have they been operating?
  • what assurances do they offer?
  • how many websites offer their services?
  • if they are lower cost than the others in the market, how can they do so?
  • if I face any issues, what are the channels in which I can reach someone for assistance?

Pay attention to websites that market their services with higher than normal success rates, these rates change from time to time – any company that puts its claim on its websites is LYING to you. No payment company updates its website on a daily basis or even weekly. We are Gamingsafe are focused on Keeping you SAFE – This is the Only Thing We Do!

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