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Where is Online Gambling going in 2019?

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The online gambling industry boasts of being a pioneer in adopting new technologies. Whether it is video gaming designs, marketing or payment systems, online casinos don’t shy away from embracing technology. So, what awaits of the industry in 2019?

Mobile Gaming

The popularity of mobile gaming surpassed that of console and PC gaming in 2016. Things are not likely to change in 2019 as more casinos continue to take their services to Android and iPhone users. As mobile phones continue becoming popular with users, more casino users will spend time gaming on their smartphones.

Throughout 2018, there has been a lot of focus on mobile gaming technologies. Investors are pledging large sums of money to advance online casinos on mobile platforms. Play stores are actively encouraging the use of gaming apps and casinos no longer charge players to join.

Multiplayer and Social Features

Like mobile gaming, the growth of social and multiplayer gaming in online casinos only began a few years ago. But now, multiplayer and social gaming has become an integral part of the industry that may shape its future.

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