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Who Allow to Play Online Gambling in Malaysia

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Who Allow to Play Online Gambling in Malaysia

In most Muslim countries, they tend to have pretty strict views when it comes to Gambling, for example, Malaysia.

The Quran often condemns gambling and alcohol together in the same verse, and participating in games of chance is a grave sin, and recognizing both as a social disease that is addictive and consider to be a factor that destroys personal lives.

However, Muslim scholars agree that is acceptable and commendable for Muslims to participate if it’s in healthy challenges, competitions, and sports. What makes it unacceptable is the involvement of betting.

Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country, with 60% of its residents being Islam. Most of the time religion shapes the laws of a country.

In Malaysia’s case, they have two sets of laws. One set applies to Muslims that reside in the country, including the tourists visiting Malaysia, and the other set applies to non-Muslims. There are two separate legal systems that function with their own court systems in Malaysia.

Historically, Poker and Online Gambling is not that popular in Malaysia. However, ever since it’s availability on the internet, a lot of Malaysians have been trying out Poker and Online Gambling.

The government doesn’t license online gambling like they do land-based gaming. Players have to play online using foreign-based gambling sites, which isn’t a problem for them.

Online Gambling Malaysia platforms are like better by a lot anyway since you can do it in the comfort of your own home, but local banks Malaysian are not allow to permit payments to gambling sites.

Because of that players have to use internet wallets to move money in and out. So for the most part online gambling is overlooked and if not tolerated in Malaysia. One might say its brushed under the rug

However, it is not completely risk-free. You have to decide for yourself if it’s worth it. Although, most Malaysians who gamble online do so freely. Especially since it is easy to get paid, make deposits, and place bets as long as you stick with the secure and trusted gaming sites.

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