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Why are there so many MOBA games?

by sam.h
Why are there so many MOBA games?

MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) Games have been the largest gaming sector since the early 2010s

What are MOBA?

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena refers to games that have a very specific set of features in their gameplay and design. Simply put, such titles have a real-time strategy elements and revolve around a fairly simple aim. The goal is to compete in a team against opponents and defeat them in a form of battle. Over the years, there have been many sub-genres, such as First Person Shooter, Battle Royale, or the more classic Starcraft-esque approach.

Dota 2, League of Legends, Apex Legends, Counter Strike. These are some of the most well known household MOBA games in the world right now. In recent years, MOBA on mobile platform have been gaining tremendous traction as well, you may have heard of games such as Mobile Legends or Wang Zhe which is the most popular MOBA mobile game in Malaysia.

Why are MOBA games so popular?

Easy Entry

Simply put, MOBA games are easy to get into. But with that said, it does not mean that MOBA games are easy games, in fact, that cannot be any farther from the truth. MOBA games have a low skill floor and very high skill ceiling. That means that anyone with little experience can get into the game relatively easily, but competitive players play the game on an entirely different level. Competitiveness is a huge driving force between its popularity.

Competitive Scene and Organizations

Most MOBA games have a ranking system to separate the casual players and competitive players. A lot of MOBA games use the ranking system to eventually develop large scale tournaments for high-level players across the world. This eventually birthed the eSports scene as we know it today. There are many official organizations formed today such as Cloud9, Liquid, Fnatic which in turn generate interest from official sponsors. Even companies such as Mercedes and Red Bull have invested in sponsorship in eSports. The competitive scene is one of the main driving factor behind the popularization of eSports.

Other Factors

Many other factors also contribute to the popularization of MOBA, one of them being that most MOBA games are free. That means anyone can easily get into MOBA games at least for a short trial period to see if they like it. Apart from that, MOBA games appeal to a broad range of gamers, which makes it an extremely convenient social game for people to play together. They also facilitate the growth of online communities, bringing people from across the world together and allowing them to bond over a shared love of gaming.

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