Wicked Witch Slots Game Review

Wicked Witch Slots Game Review

Darkness falls across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand…

The Wicked Witch is preparing her nefarious plans to cast a spell and enchant the people! Join her on her broomstick as she cooks up the perfect spell to bewitch you tonight! Stir her cauldron and read her spellbooks on this magical slots game by Qtech on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com!

Enter the realm of darkness and ride her broomstick as she toils and troubles! Are you prepared to watch her turn nothing into real Malaysian Ringgit? Play this online digital slots machine on EMP88.com today! Do you believe in magic?

Mistress of the Night

The Wicked Witch is a figure in popular fiction who is a mistress in witchcraft and spells. She often takes the form of a sexy seductress, as shown in the images in the slots game, and often lives alone in the darkest corner of the woods, conjuring evil spells and curses to fulfill her needs. The Wicked Witch is often seen outside her hut flying around on a broomstick with her iconic witches’ hat.

Join the Mistress of the Night in this thrilling slots game as she helps you transmute gold and MYR with her spells. This slots game takes on the dark and edgy theme featuring iconic visual elements associated with the dark arts. The slots reels feature the following symbols – the evil black cat, the ominous fireplace, the magical broomstick, the dark book of magic, the cauldron of spells, and the sexy wicked witch herself. The slots game is set in the darkest part of the woods, and the soundtrack features the eerie ambient noise, fully immersing you into the mood for toil and trouble!

Start Playing the Wicked Witch

Come into the night, do not be afraid. When you enter the Wicked Witch, the fun begins! Pick the size of your coins to put into the Wicked Witch’s coin slots – the size of your coin pouch is automatically converted based on the value of your balance in your online gaming site balance. You can also choose the level you wish to wager on for each line in the Wicked Witch’s slots. In the Wicked Witch, you bet on twenty lines – the more lines you get, the bigger your chances of making matches!

The Wicked Witch symbol is the “Wild” symbol in the slots game. When the Wicked Witch symbol appears, it will make matches with any other symbol in the slots game, allowing you a greater chance of winning! Watch her zoom into the night riding on her magic broom and win you big cash prizes!

Drink from the witch’s cauldron. Watch out for the magical cauldron to appear during your spins! When three or more the Cauldron symbol appears, you immediately win six free spins! But that’s only the beginning of the Wicked Witch’s spell. When the free games feature is triggered, you will help the Wicked Witch collect her special ingredients to formulate her magic spell – the bottle with the skull, the blue mushroom, the green frog, and the pot. The mushroom is the rarest ingredient of them all. Along with the three other ingredients, when you put the mushroom in her cauldron, you immediately trigger an additional six games! Watch her delight as she showers you in gold!

Zazas zazas… Are you under the witch’s spell? Let her magic guide you to winning! Whenever you win a spin in the Wicked Witch, you are given the opportunity to grab fate and double up on your winnings! Hit the Gamble button that lights up, and you will enter the Beat the Dealer mini game. In this mini game, you pick one out of four cards. If your chosen card is bigger than the Dealer card on the far left, you immediately double your winnings! You can even choose to double up your winnings again if you are on a hot streak!

The magical Wicked Witch slots game allows you to set an auto play on the game! Take a break and kick back while the game spins itself for up to five hundred times! The spell doesn’t end there – you can also set the game to magically stop when your balance decreases by a certain amount, or when you hit a win that is greater than a certain amount. The witch will listen, as long as you tell her what you need.

Enter the Wicked Witch slots today!

Start playing with the Wicked Witch slots game today! Watch her shower you with everything you need and more when you start playing this online digital slots machine on the number one Online Casino and Sports Betting website in Malaysia – EMP88.com! New players get an instant free bonus!