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Woman leaves family to play PUBG Mobile

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Woman leaves family to play PUBG Mobile

Malaysian woman, 22-year-old left her husband and three-year-old toddler to play PUBG Mobile with a stranger she met on the game.

After a ‘missing person’ complaint filed by her family, Malaysian police officials have deduced that the lady was addicted to PUBG Mobile. They have concluded that she met another player on the famous battle royale game, with whom she planned to take this step.

Why is PUBG Mobile so addictive?

PUBG Mobile has already been heavily slammed due to its highly addictive nature. Thus, this particular incident really comes as no surprise. PUBG Mobile gaming community has been full of similar events, ever since the game was introduced.

Video game addiction or gaming disorder is a very real addiction and mental health issue. However, it is rarely diagnosed or taken seriously. Unfortunately, PUBG Mobile is one of the most addictive games ever since 2017.

It is unclear why PUBG Mobile is so addictive, although there are several theories floating around. One of them is the fact that it gives rise to the competitive feeling in all of us. PUBG Mobile players always want to rank the highest possible, and collect as many skins as possible.

This is only possible through multiple hours of playing PUBG Mobile, and it is so easy to lose track of time. The Rating Points and XP system also further adds to this. Players can play with other people of a similar skill and experience level, which is a huge bonus.

PUBG Mobile is also one of the first few games which has garnered such as huge following, with frequent tournaments and large prize pools as well.

These factors all combine to make PUBG Mobile one of the most addictive games till date.

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