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WPT Rolling Thunder Main Event

by new_c_admin
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While the World Poker Tour gets ready to stage three final tables beginning next week (more on this in a bit), the regular tour is going on at the Thunder Valley Casino Resort in Northern California.

The WPT Rolling Thunder, now in its sixth year, has finished off its two-Day Ones and currently is looking a bit short compared to 2018.

Another Multi-Entry Tournament…

The WPT Rolling Thunder charged a $5000 buy-in this year, but they didn’t change their rules regarding their reentry policies.

A player is allowed one reentry for each of the two-Day Ones and, if they fail to build a stack off of that, they would be allowed to put out another entry prior to the end of registration at roughly the midpoint of Day 2.

Thus, a player could rack up as much as $25,000 in buy-ins, significant since the tournament used to be a $3500 buy-in tournament.

Saturday Brings More Entries, Still Not to 2018 Levels Yet

More players showed up on Saturday, but there still wasn’t enough to make it to the numbers from the 2018 running of this tournament.

By the time the end of the road came on Saturday night, 165 more entries were totaled for the tournament. Along with the 80 from Friday’s skirmishes, that brings the number to 245 entries, far short of the 440 entries that were brought in when David Larson claimed the championship.

But Wait…There’s More to Come!

There is still time for the 245 entries to run up some more. Registration is open for the WPT Rolling Thunder until the start of Level 11 on Sunday afternoon. Players such as Dan Shak (who ripped through two buy-ins on Saturday), Blair Hinkle, Joseph Capello and Candace Collins will have one final chance to reenter the tournament before the end of late registration on Sunday, at which point the final prize pool will be set.

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