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XE88 – Online Casino Malaysia Operators want you to win!

by new_c_admin

XE88 came into the Malaysia Online Casino market sometime in September 2019 and quickly become a hot favourite. However, in the last few weeks, we have been getting reports that players have experienced greatly fluctuating win/loss at sites with the XE88 game.

xe88 – Interest over time in Malaysia

After talking to both operators and players, we present the facts for your own interpretation.

XE88 is a Random Number Generator (RNG) based game, what this means is using a mathematical formula the chance of you winning/losing is calculated. However, in order to maintain fairness to both operator and player, there is a factor “Return to Player” which is normally in the range of 96% and above. This ensures that the players stand a decent chance of getting a win.

The point of contention here is “Return to Player” (RTP): –

RTP = the total amount returned to players divided by the total amount bet by players typically over one month

RTP is normally fixed, however, the reports we have received seem to suggest that it is being adjusted. However, this is not the time to get upset with the site you are playing at, although they host the game they do not have any control over this RTP.

The swing in win/loss seems to be changing from week to week, with neither the operator nor player being the winner. When the swing is for the players, the game becomes popular and this cost is borne by the operator – XE88 wins either way!

“Last week win big, this week lose bigger. Suay also not so suay right.” – Ah Seng

Now, which XE88 site should you trust? As we always say, trust those that give you the consistent service. Although bonuses are enticing and they do draw a large crowd, they are also a cost to operators. Go to sites that you trust, either from personal experience or recommendations from friends and family or take a look at the sites which we review to keep you safe.

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